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Certified E-Commerce Professional®

1:1 practical Certified E-Commerce Professional training with lifetime access, updates and support. Start your own dream startup and make it a unicorn or get million dollar paid consultancy projects from companies looking to hire you as a E-Commerce expert

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200+ hours of Practical Video Training
17 Certifications Included
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CEP® Certification

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Online Course Curriculum

  • Learning Objective

    Learn the framework and become organised. in E-Commerce management. Start your E-Commerce journey with us and become job ready.

    Topics Covered

    • Introduction to E-Commerce

    • Online Shopping Process

    • Starting Your Own E-Commerce Store

    • Profitable Product Selection

    • Analyse E-Commerce Market Opportunity

    • Target Customer Identification

    • Pricing Your Products

    • E-Commerce Idea Validation & Brand Positioning

  • Learning Objective

    Learn to build the frontend of an e-Commerce store from scratch all with your imagination without using coding or technical work with ongoing support from IIEC

    Topics Covered

    • Choosing a Domain Name

    • Understanding Site Design

    • Low Cost Web Development

    • Best Hosting Service

    • Creating Search Engine Friendly Contents

    • Publishing Your E-Commerce Webstore Online

  • Learning Objective

    In this module, IIEC will teach you e-Commerce Cashflow Management, Power of Affiliates, Selling Information, Payment Gateways, Shopping Cart Solutions, inventory Management, Logistics.

    Topics Covered

    • Understanding Cash Flow in E-Commerce

    • Power of Affiliate Networks For E-Commerce Sales

    • How to Sell Information Online

    • Catalog Management

    • Payment Gateways

    • Shopping Cart Solution

    • Inventory Management

    • E-Commerce Logistics & Order Fulfillment

  • Learning Objective

    This module teaches you how to incorporate a business, the laws and also the Intellectual Property Rights such as Copyright, Trademark & Patents to protect an E-Commerce Business model.

    Topics Covered

    • Business Laws

    • Types of Business Incorporations

    • Intellectual Property Rights Of Your E-Commerce Business

    • E-Commerce Business Taxation

  • Learning Objective

    Learn why Dropshipping can be a profitable and exciting area for first-time entrepreneurs looking for a business to start.

    Topics Covered

    • Introduction to Dropshipping

    • Supply Chain & Fulfillment Process

    • Finding Suppliers & Wholesalers

    • Profitable Product Selection

    • Analysing Data Trends

    • Dropshipping on Various E-Commerce Marketplaces

    • Inventory Management & Order Fulfillment

    • National & International Shipping

  • Learning Objective

    Learn to sell products in wholesale ( B2B ) globally and get a Professional Certification in “E-Commerce & Global Trade” from Indian Institute of E-Commerce and inttco Singapore ( B2B Global Trade Company).

    Topics Covered

    • Introduction to International Trade

    • Understanding Cross Border E-Commerce

    • International Trade Process

    • Documentation Required for International Trade

    • Custom Clearance Procedure

    • Banking & Payment Mechanism

    • Shipping & Logistics

    • International Market Analysis

  • Learning Objective

    Learn about the top e-Commerce Store's Security & customer Frauds, developing e-Commerce security planning, making the store hack proof and more

    Topics Covered

    • Introduction to E-Commerce Security Management

    • E-Commerce Store Security & Customer Frauds

    • E-Commerce Information Security Planning

    • Making Your E-Commerce Store Hack Proof

  • Learning Objective

    Learn how to make a Retail Store Cashier less, Learn major design trends and techniques used by successful retailers around the world - techniques that they can implement themselves to improve shopper experience in their own stores.

    Topics Covered

    • Introduction to Digital TransformationIntroduction to Digital Transformation

    • Online Business Platforms

    • Entering From Retail to Online

    • E-Commerce Marketplaces

    • Selling on Social Media Network

    • Designing

    • Optimising Product Page

    • Retail to Online Store’s User Experience

  • Learning Objective

    Learn the Recent Update on GST and The Impact of GST on E-Commerce Businesses, Get thorough understanding of the GST tax regime and will be "GST Ready" for the coming future

    Topics Covered

    • Agile ManifestoIntroduction to GST for E-Commerce

    • Problems before GST

    • Features of GST

    • Register for GST

    • Filing GST Returns

    • Claiming GST Credit

  • Learning Objective

    Practically understand Digital Marketing Strategies, learn to focus on every step of your customer, thinking like a CEO, Story Telling, Digital Marketing Tools

    Topics Covered

    • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

    • Understanding Customer Persona

    • Developing Digital Marketing Framework

    • Digital Brand Awareness

    • Digital Marketing Tools used in E-Commerce

    • Keeping Your Company in E-Commerce Trend

  • Learning Objective

    Learn how marketing automation transforms email marketing to support multichannel marketing campaigns and increase lead generation and conversion.

    Topics Covered

    • Automation Bots for your E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

    • Automating Interaction with your Website Visitors

    • Automating Marketing Research

    • Automating Lead Nurturing

    • User Experience Automation

    • Automating Social Media Messaging

    • Automating Team Management

    • Automating Sales of your Products

  • Learning Objective

    Learn what strategies make Uber, Airbnb and top e-commerce startups an billion dollar business. Learn the marketing hacks and growth secrets today.

    Topics Covered

    • Introduction to Growth Hacking

    • Understanding the profile of a growth hacker

    • The Growth Hacking Process

    • The Growth Hacker Funnel

    • Push & Pull Tactics in Growth Hacking

    • Product Tactics for Getting Visitors

    • How to Retain Users

    • Tools & Terminology in Growth Hacking

  • Learning Objective

    Get the best-in class hands-on practice on all the industry-related SEO tools and applications to get Product Pages to Rank #1 on Google, Learn SEO that works for E-Commerce Stores.

    Topics Covered

    • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

    • On-page & Off-page SEO

    • Blackhat SEO Vs White Hat SEO

    • Keyword Research & Link Building

    • How Google Ranks Content

    • Indexation & Accessibility

    • Site Speed & Performance

    • SEO Tools

  • Learning Objective

    Understand the basics of Youtube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and blogging.Use social media not just for marketing, but for customer services & PR.

    Topics Covered

    • Introduction to Social Media

    • Social Media Best Practices

    • Social Media Metrics & ROI

    • Finding the Right Social Media Network

    • Facebook & Twitter Marketing

    • Google + & Linkedin Marketing

    • Youtube & Pinterest Marketing

    • E-Commerce Idea Validation & Brand Positioning

  • Learning Objective

    Learn to develop over 42 different types of Audio, Visual & Text contents that can help your products to get sold online. Get Tools & Software to Practice content development.

    Topics Covered

    • Introduction to Content Development

    • Content Development in Pinterest

    • Content Development in Linkedin

    • Content Development in Twitter

    • Content Development in Facebook

    • Creating Customer Targeted Content Development

    • Creating Inbound Public Reations Content

  • Learning Objective

    Learn the top Web content development by researching, writing, gathering, organizing, and editing information for publication on websites.

    Topics Covered

    • Creating Compelling Marketing Content

    • Creating an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

    • Creating Appropriate Content Guidelines

    • Identifying Promotional Opportunities

    • Content for Different Audience Segment

    • Promoting Content Through Different Channels

    • Finding Industry Influencers

  • Learning Objective

    Learn how creating affiliates around you can provide a steady stream of income for your e-Commerce store. Learn different of CPA, CPC, CPM & CPV campaigns for an effective affiliate marketing.

    Topics Covered

    • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

    • Affiliate Marketing Strategies

    • Affiliate Marketing Paradigmss

    • Effective Promotional Strategies

    • Analyse E-Commerce Market Opportunity

    • Choosing the Best Affiliate Niche

    • Pros & Cons of Major Affiiiate Sites

    • Affiliate Marketing Resources

Learn to Sell Online


IIEC is partner for Amazon India the number 1 B2C E-commerce marketplace. Learn how to sell with a complete Amazon E-commerce training from lunch to daily sales.


Flipkart is a giant in Indian e-commerce with crazy sales figures you can not just launch and grow your business but get great brand visibility with Flipkart's e-commerce store.


Meesho is a game-changer for small and medium business owners across tier 2 and tier 3 towns. Meesho sellers have the highest returns and refunds learn the exact process to optimize the Mishra store to win the game.


Myntra has a tight guidelines for sellers to sell on their platform learn the quality metrics standards for the Myntra store and be the best seller in Apparel, fashion and accessories market.


Get easier rates and tap into a multicategory selling opportunity on snapdeal, with account set up management and start your online profit making journey.

Paytm Mall

Make your products available into everyone’s pocket by launching your own store on Paytm Mall, the best way to make guaranteed sales.


Flipkart’s shopsy is the newest way to earn extra margins as an online seller, make the most of this opportunity by setting up your shopsy seller account right now


Get your shopclues account setup done instantly and start selling to crores of customers already purchasing from the trusted brand.


Shopify is among the most trusted platforms to set up premium looking stores and attract high end users who look only for quality products, making hot profit with shopify accounts with us today onwards.


WordPress allows you to adjust, maintain, and launch an easy customizable, professional ecommerce store, with lesser fee than other platforms, launch your product store on wordpress with us and earn from home.


Youtube is a multiple opportunity platform to reach ten of millions of customers through ads, content creation and direct customers to your whatsapp, get a business growing launch right now.

Google Ads

The most trusted, economical and largest customer base is achieved with an assured google ads campaign , executed by experts with years of experience in our team, the best way to sell products and services with maximum profits.

Google My Business

Let customers reach your business, everytime they search on google directly on your website, store and phone with easy map location enabled google my business account activation with us.


Facebook provides multiple opportunities from page creation, to shop setup and marketplace listing opportunity to reach millions of customers, get complete setup to launch your product on the platform.


Show your products, in posts, videos with buying options enabled to tap into the largest and most successful social media giant to scale online selling profits like never before.


Increase your product, service and brand awareness on twitter, a social media platform with billions of customers browsing and looking for your products and services.


Internship Opportunity

With e-commerce startups

Products & Operations

Learn how the leading DTC brands source quality products, manage fulfillment and run seamless business operations all across the globe.

Get select, insider tips that will save you many hours (and headaches) in the long run.

Sourcing Products

A quality brand starts with a quality product. Learn how the best brands source and manufacture their goods in ways that make (rather than break) their businesses.


Backlogged orders, parcels lost in the mail, customs issues and import duties... This part doesn’t have to be a headache. Learn how to keep up with demand and ship worldwide, fast.

Business Operations

Drowning in customer support queries, overwhelmed by returns, or struggling to keep your team happy? Learn how the top DTC brands stay organized and face day-to-day operational demands head-on.

Products & Operations



Running on Shopify? Woocommerce? Amazon? Etsy? Discover what it takes to build a brand that stands out from the crowd and converts like crazy.

Store Design & Optimization

Design, optimize, repeat. Learn how to turn your store into a high-converting sales machine.

Marketplaces & Social Commerce

Running your store on Etsy, AliExpress or Ebay? Or looking to sell natively on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok Shopping? Get the latest tips and tricks from top brands that make these channels work for them.

Selling on Amazon

Building your Amazon empire? Learn to tame the beast from the best. Get the latest secrets on how to conquer the algorithm, optimise your listings, and make the most of the world’s biggest marketplace.

Brand Building

What's your brand's story? What does it take to become a household name?

Learn what goes into building the brands of the world's most sought-after ecom businesses.




Get the exact strategies, systems and secrets used by the top advertising experts across every major marketing channel in ecommerce.

Attend masterclasses in Facebook Ads, Instagram, Google, TikTok, Content Marketing and more.

Paid Advertising

Paid ads: the secret scaling weapon of choice for the world’s biggest brands. Learn from top industry leaders how to scale with Facebook, Google, and more.

Marketing: Influencer, Email & More

Influencer marketing. Email funnels. SEO. Customer loyalty. Discover how to attract and convert customers that keep coming back for more.

The Future of Ecommerce

We’re on our way to the future. Ecommerce is too—with the latest augmented reality tech, voice commerce, video marketing and more. Find out how the future is shaping up and how you should be too.



Skills Covered

E-Commerce Operations - Managing Inventory , Order Management, Catalog Management, Returns, Fulfilment,Digital Marketing, E-Commerce SEO, Social Media, E-Commerce Advertising, Growth Hacking, Marketing Automation, Data Analysis.


Video Based Training

Step-by-Step 200+ hours of processes, principles and checklist on fundamentals to advanced E-Commerce Store Management.

Instructor-Led Training

60 mins to 120 mins of Live Streaming group class per week on current and upcoming E-Commerce trends covering E-Commerce Operations , Marketing and Sales Strategies.

Practical Software Training

Learn to create a fully functional E-Commerce store using popular E-Commerce tools and submit assignment , get feedback from mentors and upgrade your E-Commerce skills practically

Placement Assistance

Post certification apply for mid level to senior level E-Commerce jobs both in India and internationally

Interview Preparation

  • Research on current E-Commerce job openings accross the globe.

  • Get help with resume writting with our resources.

  • Access to 100+ sample resumes.

  • Prepare for 100+ mock interviews.

Job Application

  • Search for Freelance, Full time, Part time and Internship oppurtunities.

  • Apply within your student dashboard to unlimited number of jobs accross the globe.

  • Attend interviews both online and offline and secure a job.

Career Consultation

  • Get connected to our placement and career consultants directly from your dashboard.

  • Connect to 70+ career consultants located locally in your city and get a career consultation.

Support Services

Up-to-date course contents by E-Commerce Industry Experts.

Live Mentorship Support

  • Stay updated with live classes from industry trainers.

  • Get one-on-one interaction with E-Commerce mentors from major E-Commerce Companies.


  • Get assignments related to E-Commerce like seller management, seller onboarding, E-Commerce sales and management etc.

  • Assignments and internship oppurtunities from Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, Google, Paytm etc.

  • Performance based earning opportunity upto 1 Lac rupees per month.

Free Updates

  • Get real time case studies related to E-Commerce industry

  • Access to video lectures covered on each E-Commerce update.

  • Study research papers on various E-Commerce technologies and integration.

  • Access to free E-Commerce legal documentation.

Life Time Access

  • Get life access of the course you enrolled.

  • Refer the course any number of times from your dashboard.

  • Access to course updates for lifetime.

  • Life time course support is provided to the students.

Help Desk

  • 24/7 online support by dedicated course support staff.

  • Support provided through Whatsapp.

  • Support provided through Video Calls.

  • Support provided through Phone & SMS.

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    07. Certified E-Commerce Security Manager (₹10000)

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    12. Certified Growth Hacking Expert (₹10000)

    13. Certified SEO Strategy Professional (₹10000)

    14. Certified Social Media Professional (₹10000)

    15. Certified Content Development Expert (₹10000)

    16. Certified Content Marketing Professional (₹10000)

    17. Certified Affiliate Marketing Professional (₹10000)

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    02. Certified E-Commerce Web Developer ( ₹10000 )

    03. Certified E-Com. Operations Manager (₹10000)

    04. Certified E-Commerce Law Professional (₹10000)

    05. Certified Dropshipping Expert (₹10000)

    06. E-Commerce & Global Trade Professional (₹10000)

    07. Certified E-Commerce Security Manager (₹10000)

    08. Certified Retail E-Commerce Executive (₹10000)

    09. GST for E-Commerce (₹10000)

    10. Certified Digital Marketing Professional (₹10000)

    11. Certified Marketing Automation Expert (₹10000)

    12. Certified Growth Hacking Expert (₹10000)

    13. Certified SEO Strategy Professional (₹10000)

    14. Certified Social Media Professional (₹10000)

    15. Certified Content Development Expert (₹10000)

    16. Certified Content Marketing Professional (₹10000)

    17. Certified Affiliate Marketing Professional (₹10000)

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